Green Snow Shan Tea in Lotus Flower

Green Snow Shan Tea in Lotus Flower. Photo: U Pokrovki Guest House

That rare case when in “Tea +” we talk about a pre-aromatized tea (the tea which was flavoured before we acquired it). But it’s very cool. And rare. And every consecutive year, apparently, it will become more and more rare, because in recent years it has become more profitable to lease the lotus ponds in Hanoi, where flowers are collected for the production of such tea, to photographers than to use them for traditional purposes.

Tea: wild Snow Shan green tea, from the mountainous north of Vietnam. Aged in the lotus — at least three months. Tea master — Nguyễn Việt Hùng. It’s a very soft green tea with a light sweetish taste and a viscous “cloudy” floral aroma, very nice and delicious.

Olga Nikandrova & Denis Shumakov. 2021