Zhornina Mountain Fire Dragon Oolong

Zhornina Fire Dragon Oolong. Zhornina Mountain, Zakarpattia Region (Transcarpathia), Ukraine

An experimental tea made in September 2020 at the “Zhornina Mountain” tea plantation. Nowadays, Mount Zhornina is a home to still-growing tea shoots at the site of the very first tea plantations in the Ukranian Transcarpathia (made in 1949); the remaining shoots used to be a part of an experiment to grow tea under the forest canopy. The batch of tea that reached us was made using a type of processing close to the one of baked twisted oolongs. Carefully made such teas reveal the terroir of the raw materials — and this is very important for any new tea. With prolonged infusion in cold water, this Transcarpathian tea reveals notes of birch leaves, honey and berries. And when brewed with hot water — notes of cocoa, brown bread crust, again berries and again something of a birch. Probably, it is precisely this birchiness that associates this tea for us with the Russian bathhouse.

Zhornina Mountain, Zakarpattia Region (Transcarpathia), Ukraine, June 2020. Experimental batch.

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